In South West England lies Bristol, a city and county with a population of 449,300 in 2016. The district has the tenth largest population in England, while the Bristol city area has the twelfth highest in the United Kingdom. The city is bounded by North Somerset and South Gloucestershire, with the cities of Bath and Gloucester to the south-east and north-east, respectively.

In Bristol you will find some beautiful attractions that you just cannot miss! Places like Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol Motor Speedway, and Castle Park In Bristol and many more. Continue reading to know more.

1. Clifton Suspension Bridge

Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol is surely one of the most important structure to be wever made. It is considered to be one of the most recognizable structures in Bristol which reflects it historical significance. The bridge also offers scenic views of nature.

2. Bristol Motor Speedway

It was formerly known as Bristol International Raceway and Bristol Raceway. It was built in 1960 and first hosted a NASCAR race on July 30, 1961. Bristol Motor Speedway is a NASCAR short track based in Bristol, Tennessee. It was formerly known as Bristol International Raceway and Bristol Raceway. It was built in 1960 and first hosted a NASCAR race on July 30, 1961.

3. Castle Park In Bristol

Located between the harbor and the Bristol Shopping Quarter, Castle Park is an island of tranquility in the bustling city center. The park was opened in 1978 on the space belonging to an earlier shopping area. Visitors can experience the cool breeze coming after touching the water or just walk in serene woods.

4. Paddle Board On The Harbourside

Take advantage of this opportunity to master the fundamentals of paddle boarding and bring them into practice on a mini trip along the thrilling historical waterways of Bristol Harbourside. See the sights from the water aboard your own paddle and glide at your own pace.

5. Banksy And Graffiti Tour

The whole neighborhood resembles an urban museum, with vibrant artwork that turns the area's walls and buildings on a regular basis, and is a must-see for street-art enthusiasts. Banksy is also a globally recognized artist whose work has sold for hundreds of thousands of pounds.

6. Admire Some Artwork At The Arnolfini

Arnolfini's programme includes modern art shows, artist performances, music and dance festivals, poem and book readings, talks, seminars, and screenings of films. There is also a coffee bar and an art bookshop. Educational programs are carried out, as well as creative new media work, which is aided by online resources. The gallery hosts a variety of festivals on a regular basis. Arnolfini is supported by Bristol City Council and Arts Council England, as well as a number of corporate and private donors.

7. John Wesley's Chapel & New Room Museum

The Museum of John Wesley's Chapel and New Room tells the story of the Wesleys and Bristol in the eighteenth century, as well as how the revolution spread across the world. Many original artifacts and furnishings from Wesley's tenure at the New Space, as well as newly commissioned interactive exhibits, can be found there.

8. Bristol Old Vic

Built in 1766, the walls of this theater have seen many stars, sets and stage hands come and go. The heritage of this cultural venue has remained though, especially thanks to recent and significant renovations. These developments have attracted many visitors who hunger for some art and culture in Bristol. In case the theater patrons' hunger turns from artistic to gastronomic, a bar and kitchen are at hand to satisfy their cravings. These facilities serve everything from tasty treats with a morning coffee to an evening meal. Those who are curious to know about the history and interesting stories of the Old Vic will find the new interactive heritage offering quite satisfying.

9. We The Curious

We the Curious prides itself as a place for both young and old, kids and kids at heart. It has two floors and both are filled with various exhibits such as a planetarium that has shows throughout the day. We the Curious is perfect for those who are very curious and would want to satisfy their curiosity.

10. Bristol Zoo

Those who are interested in supporting and promoting the welfare of animals should definitely check out Bristol Zoo. It is a zoo located in Bristol and is known to advocate for biodiversity through its events and programs that aims to protect the environment and animals. Aside from helping the zoo in its advocacy, by visiting the museum, guests would surely have a great time seeing and learning more about wildlife and nature.

11. Brunel's SS Great Britain Museum

SS Great Britain is an old not in use ship and now a museum. During her time, she was the longest ship in the world. Considered to be one of the top museums in the UK, the SS Great Britain museum makes you visit the amazing times through pictures, letters, items and other objects still contained in the amazingly beautiful ship.

12. Cabot Tower

Citizens of Bristol (and of Britain) owe a lot to John Cabot, the man on whose legacy this tower was built. He was the first European explorer of the Age of Discovery who landed on what is now Canada. His daring exploration of uncharted waters for the English crown eventually gave Britain access to Canada's great wealth of land and resources. The structure you see in the picture was built in the 1890s to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Cabot's famous sailing expedition. Visitors can actually enter and climb this 105-foot tall tower without paying a cent.

13. Bristol Cathedral

Founded in 1140, Bristol Cathedral is the Church of England Cathedral in Bristol. The gorgeous building was rebuilt in gothic style architecture in the 14th century. It is a grade 1 listed building for its structural designs. The architecture is an important example of the " Hall Church" in Great Britain.

14. Bristol Museum And Art Gallery

Enter the ground floor and be awed by the Egyptian mummies and interesting archaeological objects that are on display here. You can always come back to this floor for some souvenir items like books about Bristol. The first floor, on the other hand, features dinosaurs, animals and gems from the Earth's underbelly. As you proceed to the second floor, the exhibits sort of move on to a higher plane of existence. The artistic creations you can find on this level were lovingly made by local and international masters.

15. Marvel At St Mary Redcliffe Church

St Mary Redcliffe Church in Bristol is an Anglican parish church built in the 15th century. One of the largest parish churches is built in beautiful gothic style. Queen Elizabeth's quote about the church "the fairest, goodliest, and most famous parish church in England" is very famous.

16. Bristol Harbour

Visitors will surely have a great time at the Bristol Harbour as it offers stunning views of the city. It is located in Bristol and is often called the Floating Harbor as the water level remains constant and unaffected by tides. Due to this, visitors would surely feel safe at the harbor while admiring the city's skyline.

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