When you go somewhere with a rich and long-standing culinary history such as, say, stunning Bali, it would be almost insulting to not try to eat, well, everything. To make life (and mealtimes) hassle-free for you, we’d like to introduce you to the Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach, which is technically a resort, but feels more like a Balinese food buffet, thanks to its eight different dining options. Whether you’re looking for coffee, pastries, Indonesian food, American-style bbq, grilled seafood, homemade desserts, or literally anything else, Hotel Indigo’s got it. To give you a small taste of what to expect, here’s a rundown of what’s on the menu.


Handily situated on the resort’s ground floor, Makase is an on-site replica of your friendly neighborhood Balinese cafe. No fluff, no frills, just an open kitchen, and the best locally sourced ingredients combined with traditional Indonesian techniques to reproduce popular street foods and dishes that you’d find in any local home, along with several Western classics. For a hearty meal, order the tongseng kambing (Javanese style beef stew) in a sumptuous coconut gravy, or a rendang sapi (slow-cooked curried beef) with a kick of green chili.


Looking for a place to do, well, nothing? Stroll on out to the beachfront KIOSK, put your feet up, order a light snack, and sip your way through the restaurant’s extensive drinks menu as you doze off under the Seminyak sun. Try the Sailor Man with spiced rum and coconut syrup or the lemongrass-infused gin and tonic, or if you’re more into mocktails, either the kiwi splash or berry mint splash will provide a fizzy, refreshing cool-me-down.

Tree Bar

Mixology enthusiasts will feel like a kid in a candy shop at the Tree Bar, whose bespoke concoctions are unlike anything else you’ll find on the island. Each of the creations were made in collaboration with an experienced arak bali producer and utilizes locally-sourced fruits, herbs, and spices. The result? Fragrant and unique mixtures with a distinctly Bali touch. The tropical Laklak Swizzle will appeal to customers who like sweeter drinks, and the Arak Highball and Kelapa Old Fashioned provide fun new twists on the classics.

Pottery Cafe

For some of the island’s best homegrown coffee, teas, and Balinese sweets, look no further than the Pottery Cafe. Customers can buy fresh coffee beans (a perfect souvenir gift!), or relax with a cup of single brew, one of the signature iced coffee recipes, or a special tea blend. You can also sign up to participate in a weekly coffee roasting activity, as well as request a custom ceramic piece to bring home as a unique keepsake.

Cave Pool Bar

No resort is complete without a pool bar, and the Cave Pool Bar hits all the right notes: fresh fruit smoothies, delectable cocktails — including the option to order sharing pitchers — and an array of finger foods and desserts, including homemade rolled ice creams.


Located on the Seminyak beachfront, SugarSand was made for fine dining with a view. The Western menu boasts grilled meats and fish, an assortment of freshly baked flatbreads, wok-fried specialties, Bali-inspired desserts, as well as your favorite cut of imported Australian beef chargrilled over local coffee and lychee wood. Basically, if you’re craving it, SugarSand will most likely have it.

Salon Bali

No resort is complete without a fine dining experience, and Salon Bali is dedicated to serving up only the most stylish and flavor-packed Balinese dishes. Each item on the menu was conceived to showcase all the fresh herbs and spices and stunning locally sourced ingredients that the island has to offer, making it the perfect venue for a special, intimate dinner right in the heart of Seminyak. (Note that unfortunately, Salon Bali is currently closed, but keep an eye on the Hotel Indigo website for plans on its reopening.)

“Home” delivery

Netflix and chill, Bali-style. Get your food delivered straight to your room in a rantang (aka, a Balinese stacked tiffin) for truly authentic Balinese vibes — the “Rantang Experience” allows you to choose one main course and side dish, and is served with steamed rice and a side of Balinese condiments. Alternatively, the rest of the home delivery menu has several different cuisines, so whether you’re starving for a rib eye, nasi goreng, or a BLT, Hotel Indigo has got you covered.

Bonus: Waterfront romantic dinner

There are few places in the world that are more romantic than Bali, and if you want to take things up a notch during your stay, ask the Hotel Indigo staff to arrange their four-course romantic dinner package (we love that it includes vegetarian options). Pick your backdrop from either the secret garden pool or directly on the beach, and enjoy freshly-prepared dishes including grilled barramundi or wagyu sirloin, and a hearty tofu and chayote coconut curry.

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