It is a well-known principle that the productivity of a business increases if it operates in a pleasant environment. In Israel, a very pleasant and inviting business environment is Park Naimi, which is being developed by Naimi Towers Ltd., an innovative Israeli real estate company. The large, highly advanced industrial park will be renting space primarily to leading local hi-tech companies, as well as international companies that will be setting up operations or development centers in Israel to avail themselves of the country’s talented hi-tech workforce.

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Park Naimi will consist of thirteen 14-story office buildings. Each floor will cover an area of 2,500 square meters. The owners plan to rent premises to large well-established companies, thus space will be rented per floor. However, space will also be rented to companies that sublet work spaces so that smaller companies, especially hi-tech starts-ups, will have the advantages of working in Park Naimi.

The office buildings will be equipped with gyms, where employees can exercise and shower. These services are part of creating a pleasant and inviting environment. This will also aid in recruitment, which is very important for the hi-tech industry, which has a chronic shortage of staff.

On the ground floors of the buildings, space will be allocated to stores, restaurants and coffee shops, which will cater to the needs of the tenants and those frequenting the park. 

Miki Naimi, owner of the Naimi Group, says “We place stress on the environmental aspects of all our projects. At Park Naimi, we are making every effort to create a green project. The complex will sit on a 126,000 square meter plot of land, of which 35,000 sq. mt. will be an ecologically landscaped park, with a lake in the center. It will be crisscrossed by pedestrian pathways. bicycle paths and jogging trails. It will include shaded nooks, furnished with benches and chairs. To provide the shade, specific trees have been selected for their adaptability to the Middle East environment.” 

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Credit: PR Naimi

The planners of Park Naimi are MYS Architects, one of the country’s leading architectural firms. They have made it a point to ensure that the park will cater to the most stringent needs of a modern business entity, especially the practical needs and well-being of the employees. 

Carmit Naimi, owner of the Naimi Group, says, “Our development is being built to give our clients a tailor-made facility. We provide them with the services of our in-house interior decorator to further adapt their premises to their particular needs and requirements.”

One of Park Naimi’s many advantages is its location. Very centrally located, it is a four-minute drive from Tel Aviv. It is close to Tel Aviv’s light rail system, which is in the process of construction. In addition, it has easy access to the national road grid, as well as Ben-Gurion International Airport.

The environmentally friendly complex, which is situated in one of the green lungs of the Tel Aviv metropolitan areas, is close to the zoological gardens to the north, Menachem Begin Park to the west, Ariel Sharon Park to the east. 

Park Naimi is being built gradually. Phase One, with four office buildings, is completed and is now offering spaces for rent. Phases Two and Three will follow.

This article was written in cooperation with Park Naimi

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