Horse riders in Moray and Highlands have been asked to wear bright safety clothing so they can be spotted by low-flying RAF helicopter crews.

Three Chinooks from RAF Odiham, Hampshire, are operating from RAF Lossiemouth in Moray during two exercises taking place over the next two weeks.

The RAF said the helicopters would be flown on day and night-time missions (or sorties) - at times as low as 30m (100ft), half the height of Edinburgh's Scott Monument.

The helicopters and crews are from 27 Squadron, which has transported front-line troops on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

'Clearly seen'

The tandem rotor Chinooks were training around Drumbeg in Assynt and over Roseisle in Moray earlier this week.

RAF Lossiemouth said: "Horse riders are kindly asked to wear hi-vis, so they be clearly seen and avoided.

"Exercises like this are vital to ensuring that pilots and crews are ready to deploy operationally."

The Chinooks are taking part in Nato exercises Griffin Strike and Joint Warrior.

The crews have been carrying out landings on warships, transporting troops and flying in mountain terrain.

Equus Riding Centre in Moray said regardless of military activity it believed bright safety wear should be worn by horse riders and cyclists at all times.

A spokeswoman said: "Our riders always wear hi-vis as a matter of course when riding off the premises.

"In my experience the RAF has tried to show as much consideration as possible.

"Low flying is a hazard to riders but the forewarning is most welcome."

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