SINGAPORE: Southeast Asia’s first luxury hotel made from retired public buses has opened its doors in Singapore. Named “The Bus Collective,” the resort, located in Changi Village, marks a pioneering effort to repurpose 20 decommissioned buses into well-appointed guest rooms, CNBC reports.

The project is a collaboration between WTS Travel & Tours, a Singaporean travel agency, and its partners LHN Group and Sky Win Holding. The goal is sustainable luxury. The buses, once part of SBS Transit, Singapore’s public transport operator, have been meticulously renovated to offer guests a distinctive stay within the hospitality sector.

Set to officially welcome guests on Dec 1, The Bus Collective showcases different room categories, each uniquely designed to cater to different preferences and needs. With rates starting at S$398 (US$296) per night, patrons can choose from rooms featuring king-sized beds and even bathtubs.

The resort’s commitment to inclusivity is evident in the thoughtfully designed Pioneer North room, which is equipped with handrails in the toilet and shower areas to accommodate senior guests. Additionally, the wheelchair-accessible Hamilton Place room boasts an externally accessible restroom and a ramp for ease of access.

Covering an expansive 8,600 square meters of land, The Bus Collective is strategically located near popular attractions such as the Changi Village Hawker Centre, Changi East Boardwalk, and Changi Chapel & Museum. While the refurbished buses retain certain features like the steering wheel, driver’s seat, and windows, the focus remains on providing a unique and sustainable accommodation experience.

For those seeking recreational activities beyond the resort’s confines, The Bus Collective has curated guided tours that guests can book at the experience centre. These excursions include a biking trip around Pulau Ubin, an island off the coast of Singapore, priced at S$99 per person and including a two-way ferry transfer.

The Bus Collective’s inspiration stems from their desire to “creating unique and exciting new experiences” while showcasing tourism, environmentalism, and nature. Micker Sia, Managing Director of WTS Travel, expressed the project’s aim to set a new standard for sustainable luxury and eco-conscious practices in construction and hospitality.

While currently operating exclusively in Singapore, Mr Sia affirmed the potential for expansion, stating, ” We are definitely open to exploring opportunities for growth and innovation in the future … and we believe it has the potential to resonate with audiences in other locations within the Asia Pacific region.”

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