A British man has revealed how he was approached by travelling salesman on a rowing boat while on a cruise on a Nile. 

The man, who goes by Donny Knight, from Doncaster, was enjoying the view of the Egyptian river from his balcony bedroom when two men approached the side of the boat.

After tendering their boat to the cruise ship, the men began trying to sell him clothing, saying they had a great deal on a Jellabiya - a traditional Egyptian robe. 

Posting to TikTok, Donny explained: 'I'm in my room and someone is shouting up a the window. They've hooked up to the cruise ship.

The men on the ship then modelled the clothes they're trying to sell, explaining that there are two pieces and the robe is available in black and white.

'What on earth are you doing?' Donny asked, before the man threw the robe into his room.

The man then threw a bag into the room and asked for £100 for the robe.

Donny countered with an offer of £10, which the sales man eventually agreed to.

Donny then chucked the bag of cash back to the rower, before they travelled across the river to another cruise ship.

It's not unusual for textile traders to travel up the Nile and attempt to sell their goods.

The video quickly racked up four million views and thousands of comments.

'I've seen the movie Captain Phillips.... There's noway I would've opened my door. I'd have ran around the ship shouting 'we're being attacked by pirates,' one wrote.

'I need to know what happens if you don't pay lol,' said another.

 'OMG, this happened to me on the Nile cruise. They tried to throw me a dress and I didn't catch it, it fell in the water,' added one.

'Respect to the men trying to earn a living,' joked another.

'What's their return policy if it doesn't fit,' questioned one.

'I would've paid £100 for that just for the memory and experience of this,' joked another. 

'Chloe I cannot believe the casual conversation going on in such strange circumstances,' said one.  

Deemed boat-to-boat salesman, many westerners on cruise ships have been approached and shared videos online.

One travel blogger recently wrote that he was relaxing on the top deck of his cruise ship when he saw travelling saleman appraoch.

Loons, who is based in London, wrote:  'Ahead of our cruise ship was a small blue rowing boat with two men on board. We were heading straight for them. It would be a close call.

'Yet there was no fear on their faces. They said a few words to each other and readied themselves. It was obvious they were used to this and they were up to something.

'I wasn't sure quite what their venture was, but I discounted piracy as this was the Nile, not the Red Sea, and rowing boats are not ideal for a quick getaway.'

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