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Festivals are the closest most will get to eating like prehistoric man

Festivals – and I’m thinking Glastonbury rather than Glyndebourne here – are an opportunity to answer questions you might have had about yourself. The answer is usually no. Can you really pull off a bucket hat? No. Should you smoke that stuff? No. Deep down, do you truly enjoy Dua Lipa? No. Apart from anything else, for many Brits festivals are a r...

Impressive underground cities where people actually lived

Hidden entrances, ancient tunnels, and complex histories lurk beneath earth's surface, teeming with tales of a life that few people know much about. Many underground paths or malls claim to be cities, but check out this gallery to see the few real underground habitations where people have actually carried out their lives.

The Eagles Extend Las Vegas Sphere Residency Again After 'Overwhelming' Fan Demand — See the New Dates

The rock band has added four additional shows to their upcoming Las Vegas residency, which kicks off this fall

It's Official: We Found the 40 Prettiest Flowers in the World

How many of these breathtaking beauties do you recognize? As is often the case with beautiful things, we've given flowers meaning—so much so that even looking at one can make you feel more alive. A plain red rose has become a romantic expression of love and sunny daffodils represent the rebirth of the planet every spring. Of course, because they're plants, we also use them in more practical ways: Silky flower petals have been crushed and distilled into essential oils and perfumes for centuries, and we've figured out how to eat some of them and make tea with select leaves, stalks, and blooms. But to put it simply, the joy of admiring a gorgeous, colorful flower is unmatched. (Though we should note that some are best admired from afar because of toxicity.) Not to mention, no two flowers are exactly the same. Some rise out of the water to bloom while others sprout vines that go where they want…permanently decorating the side of your house. Even low bushes can produce incredible blossoms, like giant peonies, and if you've ever sat under a cherry blossom tree with a cool breeze blowing tiny petals around you, you know how magnificent flowering trees can be. A person who loves flowers is called an "anthophile," and if this describes you, you'll probably recognize most—if not all—of the flowers below. Rare or common, bright or soft, simple or complex, these beautiful flowers from around the world are certainly sights to behold.

Ireland aims to improve Travellers' education outcomes

The Irish government aims to increase the number of Traveller and Roma children in further education.

Moonshot memories: The eternal legacy of Apollo 11

On July 20, 1969, a momentous event took place. The Apollo 11 moon landing was one of the greatest moments not only in US history, but in human history. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first people in history to step foot on the moon. Click through the following gallery for a countdown of the events that put the first man on the moon, and the legacy of that historic space mission.

The Most Remote Inhabited Island On Earth

Discover Tristan da Cunha, the most remote inhabited island on Earth. Find out how the island residents came across the island, and how they have managed to establish a thriving community in isolation from the rest of the world.

The best public-access and private golf courses in Tennessee, ranked

Looking to play the best golf courses in Tennessee? Welcome to our annual Golfweek’s Best ranking of public-access and private courses. Following are the rankings for both types of courses, as judged by our nationwid

Travel blog couple swept to death in raging Japan river as wife tries to save husband

Chinese woman, 35, and Japanese husband, 41, are well-known among outdoor travel enthusiasts A travel blogger couple have been killed while climbing a mountain in Japan after the wife jumped into a swollen river to save her husband and they were both swept away by the raging waters. The 35-year-old Chinese wife, who used the alias Agu on social med...

Our new home? What we've learned about the Moon since 1969

It's been over 50 years since we first landed on the Moon. The Apollo 11 astronauts made history, and we haven't stopped exploring the Moon ever since. In fact, we are constantly learning new things about the Earth's satellite. But what exactly? It turns out, quite a lot. Browse through this gallery and discover how far we've come since 1969.

US airline Delta changes uniform rules after Palestinian flag pin outcry

Two flight attendants wearing the pins had complied with airline’s dress code but a social media post sparked uproar.

13 Ways Experts Find the Most Valuable Items at Thrift Stores

Never miss a hidden gem again.

34 Rare Vintage Photos of The Plaza Hotel

It’s always been the place to be.

Posters banning Ouija boards 'due to recent events' spark concern

A Portland Park has banned ouija boards after a recent poster hinted that they triggered a disturbing incident but it was later revealed it was all just a 'prank.'

The 14 Most Elaborate Hotel Bathrooms

The lighting for mirror selfies is impeccable.

15 Coffee Table Books on Sale During Amazon Prime Day

From fashion to music to travel to everything in between, there's a decorative tome for every hobbyist.

When yachts go down: Why orcas are evil geniuses

Despite being dubbed the "killer whale," the orca has enjoyed a pretty family-friendly image, whether it's putting on shows with humans at Sea World or starring in 'Free Willy.' But just like how its classification as a whale is misleading (it's actually the largest subspecies of the dolphin family), so too is its friendly reputation. Orcas live in all the world's oceans, from the Arctic Ocean and Antarctica to warmer tropical seas, and in every single one they are menaces, apex predators at the top of the food chain, ruling with an iron fin! Massive, agile, and extremely intelligent, they are the most powerful and deadly animals in the water. And as if that weren't enough, there have been increasing reports in recent years of their species serial killing, vengefully sinking boats, torturing other animals for sport, and more. The most recent incident was more serious than the average boat attack. A 50 ft (15 m) yacht was rammed off course in the Strait of Gibraltar by orcas and eventually sank due to the damage. The two passengers aboard the boat, named the Alboran Cognac, began to feel heavy blows to the hull and rudder around 9 AM local time on Saturday. The yacht began taking on water and they radioed for assistance. Thankfully, an oil tanker in the area took them aboard and brought them to Gibraltar. In the meantime, the yacht slowly sank—another victory for the killer whales. Orca rammings have become common in this area, and are attributed to a subpopulation of around 15 whales collectively named Gladis. Have we got your attention? Then click through to learn more about the evil genius of orcas.

No phones China ‘jungle experience’ at Buddhist temple helps de-stress participants

Dozens of young people in China undergo 'authentic' Buddhist monk experience in temple set in lush countryside A Buddhist temple in China with more than 1,700 years of history is offering young people a seven-day living experience, on one condition, no phones are allowed. The Lingyin Temple, or Temple of the Soul Retreat, in Hangzhou in eastern Chi...

Fear of flying? You are less alone than you think

The World’s Most Mysterious Disappearances

What ever became of Jimmy Hoffa? Has anyone ever broken out from America's most secure incarceration facility? Can you pretend to no longer exist? We’ve compiled the most astounding and baffling facts about mysterious disappearances.

The oldest cities in the world

Many of the earliest cities in the world are still inhabited, serving as living records of humanity’s first forays into civilization. Archaeologists dispute exact timelines and what counts as a city proper, but there is no doubt the first urban centres enshrine the development of agriculture, trade, and the many great empires that rose and fell over the millennia. Here is a sampling of some of the oldest cities in the world still living today.

Discover the Best Venues in Boston to Catch a Summer Concert

These outdoor music experiences promise an unforgettable weekend filled with the magic of live music and community.

Get Up to Nearly 40% Off Drones We’ve Tested and Recommend

Take flight with these soaring deals.

Our Favorite Yeti Essentials Are Up to 30% Off for Amazon Prime Day

The timing for summer outdoor adventures couldn’t be better.

John Lee to promote Hong Kong in trip to 3 Asean countries, pledges ‘big efforts’ on economy

Hong Kong’s leader has said he will travel to Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam later this month to promote the city and explore new opportunities, in his third trip to Southeast Asia since he took office and first overseas in a year. Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu on Tuesday also promised “big efforts” to develop the city’s economy as he announced the start of public consultations for his third Policy Address, which will include more than 40 online...

World’s rarest whale may have washed up on New Zealand beach, possibly shedding clues on species

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — Spade-toothed whales are the world’s rarest, with no live sightings ever recorded. No one knows how many there are, what they eat, or even where they live in the vast expanse of the southern Pacific Ocean. However, scientists in New Zealand may have finally caught a break. The country's conservation agency said Monday a creature that washed up on a South Island beach this month is believed to be a spade-toothed...

The most common surnames in the United States

Names are important, as they often reflect our unique identities, heritage and family history. On a mass scale, the popular surnames of a country can tell a story about the changing demographics that live there—for example, in the 1990s, the most common last names in the United States were primarily English, Irish and Scottish in origin, but by 2010, the number of Hispanic surnames in the top 25 had doubled. Here is a list of the most popular American surnames according to the 2010 census (analysis from the 2020 census was delayed by the pandemic). Did your name make the list?

25 Beautiful Cities Around the World to Add to Your Travel Bucket List

These skylines will give you a surge of inspiration.

The 24 Best Snacks You Can Find at Costco

Run, don't walk, to your nearest warehouse.

Aussies expose massive flaw of new passports

Travellers have slammed the quality of the new R series passports, which have been issued since September 2022.

This popular travel credit card now comes with its best-ever welcome bonus of $1,000 in travel rewards

The Capital One Venture Rewards card is the best travel credit card for beginners, and new cardholders can earn $1,000 in travel rewards right now.

Why Montenegro is the most underrated jewel of the Mediterranean

For a long time it was overlooked in favor of more well-trodden Mediterranean destinations, but now Montenegro is quickly gaining a reputation as the perfect place to travel. And it's no surprise really, as the small but mighty country somehow contains spectacular highlands, charming bays overlooking the crystalline blue Adriatic Sea, antique Venetian villages, UNESCO walled cities, and something for every type of traveler within its borders. Click through to look at some of its most stunning, culturally rich, and visually appetizing spots.

Actors at China scenic spot pose as wild, primitive people to scare tourists

A scenic site in China has hired students to dress as primitive people and scare tourists to provide a more authentic adventure. The Wild Man Valley in the Guanshan Lake Scenic Resort in Liaoning province, northeastern China, is a dense, primitive forest steeped in legends about “wild men”. On July 6, an influencer nicknamed Tuotuo posted a video on Xiaohongshu in which she portrayed a primitive tribal person at the site. Do you have questions...

The most beautiful train journeys in the UK

From the stunning Scottish highlands to the southern scenic beaches of Devon and Cornwall, take a look at Britain's most-beautiful railway lines!

20 Facts You Didn’t Know About Apollo 11

Even 50 years later, there are a few facts that have escaped common knowledge.

20 of America's Best Historic Homes You Definitely Have to Visit

Yes, it's time to plan a trip!

The 28 Best Westerns of All Time

Saddle up for a trip to Hollywood's version of the Wild West.

Scenic California metropolis named America's 'least stressed city'

Fremont, California, has claimed the title of 'least stressed city in America' in a new survey, outshining 181 other cities.

Big cities on the brink of natural disaster

Weather plays a big role when picking somewhere to live or travel. Mediterranean countries attract thousands thanks to their warm water, while Scandinavian nations benefit from having ice cold temperatures. However, some destinations have different climates entirely. You may think Tokyo and New York City are some tempting locations, but did you know that they are both cities on the brink of natural disaster? That's right, there are super cities across the globe that are vulnerable to typhoons, tsunamis, wildfires, or even earthquakes. Click on to explore the places where mother nature could strike at any minute, wreaking untold havoc on super-sized cities across the atlas.

Very cherry: Discover the wonders of this magical fruit

There are so many things to appreciate about cherries. These ruby-colored fruits grow on beautiful trees that decorate cities and parks all over the world. They're packed with nutrients that provide us with countless health benefits, from healthy hearts to better sleep. And did we mention they're delicious? There's a reason we have cherry-flavored chapstick and soda! However, there are much healthier and more enjoyable ways to add cherries to your diet. Click through this gallery to learn all about this fantastic fruit, its many health benefits, and how you incorporate them into your meals.

Tannery's 'forgotten history' shared at reunions

The old tannery, seen as a landmark by locals, has been empty for more than 30 years.

Style or Function? Experts Pick the Best Luggage Brands for 2024

We travel a lot, so we wondered recently if we were getting all we could out of our usual road-trip luggage. To find out, we turned to the style and product experts at Esquire and Good Housekeeping for advice on the best luggage brands.

The Most Popular Book the Year You Were Born

We had forgotten about so many of these.

Emphasize Your Bay Windows With These Charming Design Ideas

Here's how to show off this coveted feature.

Why Malta should be your next idyllic vacation

One of the smallest countries in Europe, Malta is truly a jewel of the Mediterranean. The archipelago drifts between Italy and North Africa, and is often overlooked despite its rich history, gorgeous terrain, and abundant sunshine. Somehow this idyllic location has remained off many people’s radar, making it even more of a must-see destination. Whether you’re a solo traveler or with a family, looking for parties or relaxation, searching for the finest food or architecture—Malta has something for everyone. So when you’re planning your next vacation, skip the tourist-packed obvious choices in Europe, and head to the islands. Click on to see some stunning photos that'll have you booking tickets.

The 10 Greatest Attractions in America, According to Travelers

Looking to travel without straying too far from home? Consider putting these destinations on your itinerary.

Historical human remains found near Ulster Canal

Police say a human skull was discovered on a grass embankment near the canal on Sunday evening.

Science Museum caves to pressure to end deal with energy giant Equinor

The Science Museum has caved in to pressure from campaigners to cut ties with an energy firm over concerns about its environmental impact.

The 15 Best Mother-Daughter Trips to Take Together

Celebrate mom more than once a year with these curated trips!

Fancy a break in France but not keen on the Olympic crowds? Here are 8 tourist-free hidden gems, handpicked by travel experts - from a 'local secret' in Brittany to a 'floral paradise' by the Med

Eleven million visitors will descend on Paris during the games. That's great for the athletes, but not ideal if you're looking for a relaxed, crowd-free French break. Head to one of these spots to relax...