34 Rare Vintage Photos of The Plaza Hotel

It’s always been the place to be.

DeSantis tourism board approves $17 billion development deal with Disney that could pave the way for a 5th theme park

The development deal is a détente between Disney and Florida's Ron DeSantis, who have battled for control of the district where Disney is located.

Places around the world you are forbidden to visit

It's hard to imagine that there are a lot of places around the world that people are prohibited from visiting. Unless you're a researcher, scientist, or military officer, some of these places are strictly forbidden for the general public, which adds another layer of mystery to them. There are historical sites that are so fragile they can be easily damaged by humans, and also some seriously dangerous places many of us would be terrified to visit. From an island infested with snakes to a vault holding special secrets, check out these extremely fascinating and forbidden places. Click on!

Tourists who've ruined historic artifacts and attractions

For some reason, certain people traveling abroad seem to think that normal rules of conduct just cease to apply. Like most tourists, they want to go see the ancient marvels and modern manifestations of culture in museums and galleries, and yet they leave a trail of waste in their wake, sometimes including the art and artifacts. Of course, it's not always on purpose, but, as you'll soon see, many times it really is out of sheer stupidity. Through selfies, graffiti, and other foolish antics, these people are oftentimes responsible for stricter tourist regulations, huge restoration bills, and even the irreparable damage of priceless artifacts. Curious to hear the stories? Click through and find out.

Inside the game-changing winter experience sweeping Australia

A game-changing new, fairytale-like winter experience is already underway on the rooftop of Sydney 's Broadway

The 15 Best Mother-Daughter Trips to Take Together

Celebrate mom more than once a year with these curated trips!

Disney replaces 'racist' ride with one themed around black princess

Disney replaces 'racist' Splash Mountain ride with Tiana's Bayou Adventure, at its U.S. parks themed around its first black princess.

Queen Camilla heads to The Garden Museum on London's Southbank

The Queen looked elegant in a navy blue and cream ensemble as she headed to London's Southbank this morning to visit a new exhibition at The Garden Museum.

Inside the ultra-luxury Italian seaside town where Biden meets G7

President Joe Biden heads back to Europe after just three days in the States - this time jetting to a luxurious faux Medieval resort town that has hosted the likes of Justin Timberlake and Madonna .

Australia's fascinating culture and traditions

Australia is renowned for its pristine beaches, ochre outback, and laid-back lifestyle. But how much do you know about the country's customs? From the rich Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures to the immigrants who have brought unique traditions and languages, Australia's cultural landscape is dynamic and evolving. This gallery covers some of Australia's most famous pastimes—some you may be familiar with and others you may not! Satisfy your curiosity and click to find out more.

Things America does better than Europe

America: the land of the free and the home of the brave. While Europe has a lot of great things going for it, there are other areas where America takes the cake. It's not until traveling or living in Europe that Americans begin to realize how many everyday cultural and societal norms that are part of their lives are completely different abroad... Some for the worse, others for the better. Curious? Click on to learn the things America does better than Europe.

UFO mystery may be result of advanced 'stealth civilization' on Earth

Skeptics have long questioned why UFOs, if they are E.T. craft, would visit Earth so often - but two Harvard scientists suspect the beings may have been here all along

World Heritage Sites that could disappear anytime

There are more than 1,000 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, about 830 of which are cultural. These are landmarks or areas that carry such strong cultural, historical, or scientific significance, that international treaties have been signed in efforts to protect them. However, more than 50 of them are currently endangered and, unless measures are put in place, could be ruined beyond repair, according to UNESCO's website. Click through the gallery to see 15 of the world's most endangered cultural sites.

Bats: Unveiling the unsung heroes of the night

Bats can be found all over the globe, and are one of our greatest allies in the animal world. For instance, without bats, the world would have far fewer bananas and far more mosquito bites! As expert pollinators and insect enthusiasts, it is truly a shame that bats are still met with such scorn. Their association with the horrors of the night that began centuries ago with stories of vampires and witchcraft has ruined the reputation of these beautiful, hard-working, and generally harmless creatures. As with everything, the more you understand something, the less you fear it, so here are some bat facts to help set the record straight. Read on to learn everything you need to know about our flying nocturnal friends.

Athens Acropolis closes as Greece bakes in earliest-ever heatwave

The Athens Acropolis, Greece's most visited tourist site, was closed to the public during the hottest hours of Wednesday as the season's earliest-ever heatwave swept the country, prompting school closures and health warnings. Schools will stay closed in several regions of the country on Wednesday and Thursday, including in the capital, while the labour ministry has advised public-sector employees to work from home.

The most unbelievable man-made disasters in history

History is filled with tragedies that have claimed many lives, from mining disasters to volcanoes and tsunamis. The world has never had a shortage of catastrophes over the centuries, but there are some that have been purely man-made and would not have happened if it hadn’t been for some form of human intervention. Whether it's a chemical spill or a train collision, there have been numerous disasters that rank among the worst in history. Curious? Click through this gallery to see some of history’s most devastating man-made disasters.

Blue Fox Entertainment Acquires Family-Friendly Adventure Film ‘Autumn And The Black Jaguar' From Studiocanal

EXCLUSIVE: Blue Fox Entertainment has acquired Autumn and the Black Jaguar from Studiocanal. Blue Fox will release the family-friendly adventure film in theaters nationwide later this year. Directed by Gilles de Maistre (Mia and the White Lion), the film stars Lumi Pollack (The Fallout), Emily Bett Rickards (The CW's Arrow), and Paul Greene (Somewhere), with […]

Happy Days star Henry Winkler thanks Irish firefighters after blaze at his hotel

Happy Days star Henry Winkler thanks Irish firefighters after blaze at his hotel - No injuries were reported at the five-star hotel, and guests were allowed to return to the building not long after the incident.

Can I fly to Majorca? Latest travel advice for Spanish holidaymakers

Is it safe to fly to Majorca? What is the latest travel advice and what can you do if your flight is cancelled? Here is everything you need to know about the latest advice to the area.

Tell us: are you making a change to your summer holidays?

As the northern hemisphere enters the summer, we want to hear from people who are planning to have a different type of summer holiday this year. Are you visiting a cooler climate than usual? Or holidaying domestically when you go abroad most summers, or vice versa? Whether it’s due to climate conditions, finances or another factor, if you’re doing things differently this year, tell us where you’re going and why. What was the trigger? Is this the...

‘Adventure Time' Movie in Development With Rebecca Sugar, Patrick McHale and Adam Muto Attached; Two Spinoff Series Also in the Works (EXCLUSIVE)

Ahead of today’s Warner Bros. Animation studio focus panel at the Annecy Animation Festival, Variety has learned that Cartoon Network Studios (CNS) is working on three new “Adventure Time” properties, including a movie and two new series. Currently in development, details are still scant regarding the “Adventure Time” movie, but the project features an animation […]

The 24 Best Snacks You Can Find at Costco

Run, don't walk, to your nearest warehouse.

Southwest CEO will not resign, will consider input from activist investor Elliott

By David Shepardson WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Southwest Airlines CEO Bob Jordan said on Wednesday he will not resign as the air carrier faces pressure from activist investor Elliott Investment Management, with it already considering amendments to its open-seating policy and other potential changes. "We want to understand what their ideas are, they may have great ideas," Jordan told reporters in

Harry Maguire spotted unwinding at luxury five-star Turkey spa hotel

The Manchester United centre-back, capped 63 times by his country, was knocking back drinks by the poolside at the Maxx Royal Belek resort yesterday.

America's coolest island destinations

Anchored away from the USA are some fascinating island destinations just waiting to be explored, including Hawaii. Scroll through the gallery for some amazing images and find out more about the country's coolest ocean-side hangouts.

BA passengers on nine-hour 'flight to nowhere' over 'technical issue'

The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner was headed to George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas on Monday but began to experience problems when it reached North America.

How to Transform Your Outdoor Space Into a Cozy Place to Hang Out

Make it instantly more inviting.

Austria Airlines plane suffers severe damage in hailstorm

Intense hail and turbulence smashed the plane's windscreen and nose as it flew from Spain to Austria.

The 20 Best Luggage Brands Worth Investing In

From Samsonite to Rimowa, Tumi to Away—here's what you need to know about each one.

IAG offers remedies to EU over Air Europa deal

By Foo Yun Chee BRUSSELS (Reuters) - British Airways owner IAG has again offered remedies to the European Commission aimed at securing EU approval of its takeover of Spain's Air Europa. "We submitted a new remedy package with some adjustments compared to the previous one," IAG said in an email. "It includes improvements that have come from the constructive dialogue we have been maintaining with

Qantas to buy remaining 49% stake in TripADeal for $140.6 million

(Reuters) -Australia's Qantas Airways said on Thursday it will acquire the remaining 49% stake in online travel business TripADeal for A$211 million ($140.6 million) as the airline seeks to capitalize on strong demand for holiday bookings. Easing travel restrictions following the pandemic and higher demand for holidays has boosted online travel bookings. The deal will enable the group to deepen

Imperial Beach in CA becomes America's most polluted beach

Did you know the nation's most polluted beach is in California? Studies find Imperial Beach in San Diego, CA has a high bacteria rate of 100%, and is branded a 'portable toilet.'

The Countess with Connections

For an authentic travel experience in Modena, Italy, you need to know Countess Angelica Ferri Personali owner of Villa La Personala, a former medieval castle and her childhood home.

These June Amazon Deals Are Overflowing With Summer Essentials

Load up your beach tote with these summer essentials.

Map Reveals States With America's Rudest Plane Passengers

A new survey suggests some states, including Iowa, Illinois, and Virginia, are worse than others for poor travelng etiquette.

These Garden Arches Can Transform Your Backyard Into a Beautiful Oasis

Adding visual interest to your outdoor space has never been easier.

Inside America's only royal palace owned by lesbian 'last princess'

Iolani Palace, the only royal palace in the United States, stands in Honolulu as a stunning reminder of Hawaii's royal past.

What you should do if a fellow passenger on a plane insists you switch seats, according to travel experts

There's a heated discussion on social media about when and when not to switch seats with fellow passengers on a plane. Here's what experts say.

I Live in New York City on $56,000: Here’s My Monthly Budget

Life in New York isn't cheap. According to the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, it's the sixth-most-expensive place in the country to live with an overall cost of living index is...

It's Official: We Found the 40 Prettiest Flowers in the World

How many of these breathtaking beauties do you recognize? As is often the case with beautiful things, we've given flowers meaning—so much so that even looking at one can make you feel more alive. A plain red rose has become a romantic expression of love and sunny daffodils represent the rebirth of the planet every spring. Of course, because they're plants, we also use them in more practical ways: Silky flower petals have been crushed and distilled into essential oils and perfumes for centuries, and we've figured out how to eat some of them and make tea with select leaves, stalks, and blooms. But to put it simply, the joy of admiring a gorgeous, colorful flower is unmatched. (Though we should note that some are best admired from afar because of toxicity.) Not to mention, no two flowers are exactly the same. Some rise out of the water to bloom while others sprout vines that go where they want…permanently decorating the side of your house. Even low bushes can produce incredible blossoms, like giant peonies, and if you've ever sat under a cherry blossom tree with a cool breeze blowing tiny petals around you, you know how magnificent flowering trees can be. A person who loves flowers is called an "anthophile," and if this describes you, you'll probably recognize most—if not all—of the flowers below. Rare or common, bright or soft, simple or complex, these beautiful flowers from around the world are certainly sights to behold.

Paper maps aren’t dead, but this digital map app is an innovation for off-road explorers

Since the dawn of humankind, explorers and wanderers have been trying to make sense of the world around us, navigate by the stars, landmarks, and finally, roads. The earliest maps were created sometime around 600 B.C. in Babylon as crude scratches on a clay tablet. Greek scholar Ptolomy is often credited for the science of […]

King and Queen to visit Channel Islands after doctors give him the OK

The King and Queen will undertake a summer tour to the Channel Islands, visiting Jersey and Guernsey for the first time during their reign after doctors signed off on travel. The King, who is undergoing treatment for cancer, will fit in a whistlestop two-day trip to the islands, where he is known as the Duke of Normandy. He is working his way back ...

The 14 Most Elaborate Hotel Bathrooms

The lighting for mirror selfies is impeccable.

Five of the most beautiful Mediterranean islands to visit this summer

They boast turquoise waters, ancient ruins, spellbinding coves, and boast mouthwatering food. There's even one that's car-free...

In pictures: Russian warships enter Cuba harbor

The 30 tallest US presidents in history

In America, the highest office in the land is often secured by the loftiest of individuals. Indeed, the taller the president of the United States, the greater their stature, or so it seems. The fact is that over half of those voted into the White House have stood near or over 6 ft tall. So who are those that have quite literally achieved the height of success? Click through and look up this gallery of the 30 tallest US presidents.

Countries where you have to pay to be a tourist

If you've traveled, you've likely paid a tourist tax before. However, you may have never noticed it, as it's often worked into airline tickets or the taxes you pay at your accommodation. Originally, tourist tax was introduced by certain governments with the aim of tempering over-tourism and generating income from large numbers of travelers entering the destination. Now, the money from the tax also goes to protecting natural resources and maintaining tourism facilities. Intrigued? Click on to discover the countries that charge a tourist tax.

Explore these once beloved tourist attractions left to rot

From war-ravaged hotels and rusting fairgrounds to long-forgotten pleasure gardens and marooned piers, these former star attractions are now run-down relics.

11 Best Deals for Your Money at Sam’s Club in July 2024

With Independence Day just around the corner, it's never too soon to look ahead at all the potential deals headed your way. As summer travel is in full swing, cool drinks, traveling, camping, and even...

Saved! These iconic landmarks were nearly lost forever

From grand cathedrals to political buildings, these world-famous landmarks were very nearly lost forever, surviving the ravages of war, natural disasters and human indifference.